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Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Pro

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Pro: What We Know and What We Hope For

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Samsung enthusiasts are abuzz with speculation following the mid-year Unpacked event for 2023, where Samsung introduced the Galaxy Watch 6 and the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic.

However, the absence of a “Pro” version has left many wondering about the fate of the anticipated Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Pro.

In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into what we currently know and our wishlist for the rumored Galaxy Watch 6 Pro.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Pro What We Know So Far

As of now, Samsung has not officially confirmed the existence of a Galaxy Watch 6 Pro. Despite this, several strong indicators suggest that a Pro version might indeed be in the works.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro continues to stand as a top-tier wearable, receiving noteworthy updates to enhance its features.

Improved sleep tracking, irregular heart rate notifications, a new Track Run sport mode, Samsung Wallet, and more have been added to both Galaxy Watch 5 models, with the Watch 5 Pro featuring a GPX file database for recommended routes.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Pro

While Samsung released the Galaxy Watch 6 and the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic without upgrading the Watch 5 Pro, there seems to be a deliberate strategy at play.

The loyal customer base’s demand for the return of the rotating bezel on the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, coupled with the Watch 5 Pro’s enduring popularity, opens up possibilities for the return of the “Classic” model, resulting in the unveiling of the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Pro Release Date

The release date for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Pro remains uncertain, as Samsung has not provided any official hints or announcements regarding its existence. However, enthusiasts and industry observers are speculating based on historical patterns of Galaxy Watch releases.

Looking at the release schedule of previous Galaxy Watch models:

The absence of any indication of a Galaxy Watch 6 Pro raises questions about its potential release date. If Samsung continues its pattern of releasing at least one variant of the Galaxy Watch annually, the Galaxy Watch 7 might be anticipated for release in July or August 2024.

Speculation arises that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Pro could be launched in early 2024, potentially staggered against the standard model releases. Samsung typically holds two Galaxy Unpacked events each year, with the first in February. Therefore, a reasonable assumption is that the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro could be released in February 2024.

An alternative possibility is Samsung alternating between “Pro” and “Classic” models each year. If this pattern holds, the next “Pro” model might not be released until July or August 2024, likely as a Galaxy Watch 7 Pro. However, industry experts lean towards a February 2024 release, considering historical trends and market expectations.

What We Want to See

In the hypothetical scenario that a Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Pro is in development, here are the key features we hope to see.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Pro

A Second Size Option

We advocate for inclusivity by introducing a smaller case option in the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro lineup. This accommodates users with petite wrists, ensuring a comfortable and stylish fit for a broader audience.

Improved Battery Life

For a smartwatch aimed at outdoor enthusiasts, longevity is crucial. We aspire to witness enhanced battery life, allowing the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro to endure extended adventures, such as a long weekend camping trip, without requiring frequent charging.

Less Samsung Exclusivity

Addressing a common drawback, we urge Samsung to break down the exclusivity barriers associated with advanced health features. The Galaxy Watch 6 Pro should extend these features beyond Samsung phone users, promoting inclusivity and widening its appeal.

Reliable Heart Rate Data

In pursuit of accuracy, we anticipate a new Pro model that excels in recording precise heart rate data across various activities. This is particularly vital for athletes who rely on heart rate zones during workouts.

More Tools for Adventurers

Catering to the growing trend of active users, we envision the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro offering an expanded toolkit for hikers and explorers. This includes a broader navigation toolkit, enhanced map-related capabilities, and additional safety features for those embracing adventurous pursuits.


While the release of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Pro remains unconfirmed, the existing evidence suggests a strong possibility.

Should the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro grace the market, we anticipate improvements in battery life, heart rate monitoring, and the incorporation of additional tools tailored for adventurers.

Until Samsung provides an official announcement, the tech world eagerly awaits further details on the potential game-changing Galaxy Watch 6 Pro.

Q. When is Samsung Galaxy watch 6 Pro Coming Out?

Galaxy Watch 6 fans, listen up! While the base model has been out since August 2023, the buzz around the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro is real.
The good news: It’s probably coming sooner than you think! February 2024 is the hot rumour, lining up perfectly with Samsung’s usual tech reveal event and their history of double smartwatch launches. Imagine a February surprise alongside the standard Watch 7.

Q. What is the price of Samsung Watch 6 Pro?

The price tag for the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro is still under wraps, as Samsung hasn’t officially announced its existence yet. But fear not, we can crack the code with some detective work!
First, let’s check the family tree. The Watch 5 Pro, launched in August 2023, started at $449 for Bluetooth and $499 for LTE, setting the bar for “Pro” pricing. The standard Watch 6, released in July 2023, started at a more modest $299 for Bluetooth, $329 for 44mm.
So, what can we predict for the Watch 6 Pro? Expect a price tag closer to the Watch 5 Pro’s territory, potentially starting around $499 for Bluetooth and slightly higher for LTE. The standard Watch 6 might offer a cheaper alternative, but the “Pro” experience likely comes with a premium price tag.

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