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Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 and Ultra OFFICIAL LEAK – 10 Big Changes

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The long wait has ended. and Samsung has revealed its revealed its much-awaited Galaxy Watch 7 Series. These Smartwatches come with many great features that are perfect for different types of users, like those who love fitness and those who are very interested in technology. In this article, we will look at the top 10 important things to know about the new Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra.

Samsung has made some bold moves with the Watch 7 Series, including eliminating the “Watch 7 Ultra” name and opting for Galaxy Watch Ultra” instead.  While this change simplifies the naming convention, it might lead to some confusion about which model is the most premium. However, the company has more than made up for this with a host of impressive upgrades and new features.

One of the most notable improvements is the Galaxy Watch Ultra’s display, which boasts an incredible 3,000 nits of peak brightness. This exceeds even Samsung’s top smartphones and matches the Apple Watch Ultra 2, making it perfect for clear visibility in any lighting condition. The regular Watch 7 also maintains the impressive 2,000 nits from the previous generation.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra: Leaked Specs and Features

Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra at its upcoming Unpacked event in Paris.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra

Galaxy Watch7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra specification:

FeatureGalaxy Watch7Galaxy Watch Ultra
ModelGalaxy Watch7Galaxy Watch Ultra
Sizes (mm)40, 4447 (only)
ColorsGreen, CreamGray, Beige, Silver
CaseArmor Aluminum 2Titanium
GlassSapphire crystalSapphire crystal (assumed)
Water resistance (ATM)510
Dust & water resistanceIP68IP68
Military durabilityMIL-STD-810HMIL-STD-810H
Battery (mAh)300 (40mm), 425 (44mm)590
Chipset3nm process3nm process
Storage (GB)3232
Peak brightness (nits)2,0003,000
Cellular connectivityOptionalLTE only

The Galaxy Watch Ultra’s name was recently confirmed through a certification, after being referred to as the Galaxy Watch X for a brief period. Today, a new leak brings us some spec details for both the Watch 7 and Watch Ultra.

Galaxy Watch 7

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7

The Galaxy Watch 7 will be offered in two sizes: 40mm and 44mm. The case will be made from “Armor Aluminum 2” and the glass will be a sapphire crystal, similar to high-end mechanical and quartz watches.

The Watch 7 will be 5ATM rated for water ingress, as well as IP68 and MIL-STD-810H certified.

The 40mm model will have a 300 mAh battery, while the 44mm model will have a 425 mAh cell. These battery capacities are identical to those of the Galaxy Watch 6.

The chipset will be manufactured on a 3nm process, compared to 5nm in the Watch 6. Storage will be doubled to 32GB, and peak brightness will be 2,000 nits.

Galaxy Watch Ultra

Galaxy Watch Ultra

The Galaxy Watch Ultra is positioned to take on the Apple Watch Ultra 2. It will come with a titanium case, available in three hues: gray, beige, and silver.

This watch is 10ATM depth rated, and it also gets IP58 dust and water resistance alongside adhering to the MIL-STD-810H standard.

The battery capacity remains unchanged from the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro from 2022 at 590 mAh. The same 3nm SoC is in for the Watch 7, and also 32GB of storage.

The brightness, however, will go to 3,000 nits peak. The Watch Ultra will only be sold with LTE connectivity.

10 Big Changes- Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 and Ultra

Source @TechTalkTV

1. No “Watch 7 Ultra” Name

The first surprise is that Samsung has ditched the “Watch 7 Ultra” name, opting for just “Galaxy Watch Ultra.” While it takes inspiration from Apple, this could lead to confusion down the line.

The “Ultra” name was meant to signify a higher-end model with advanced features, but it seems Samsung has decided to simplify the naming convention.

This change might make it easier for consumers to understand the differences between the various models, but it could also lead to confusion about which model is the most premium.

2. Galaxy Watch Ultra’s Display

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra

The biggest upgrade goes to the Galaxy Watch Ultra’s display. It boasts a whopping 3,000 nits of peak brightness, exceeding even Samsung’s top phones and matching the Apple Watch Ultra 2.

This means the Watch Ultra is perfect for seeing your watch face clearly in any lighting condition. Whether you’re outdoors on a sunny day or indoors with dim lighting, the Watch Ultra’s display will always be easy to read. This is a significant improvement over the Watch 6 Classic, which had a peak brightness of 1,000 nits.

The higher brightness is achieved through a combination of advanced display technology and a more powerful processor. The display itself is a high-resolution AMOLED screen with a high pixel density, ensuring crisp and clear visuals.

This level of brightness and resolution is typically reserved for high-end smartphones, making the Watch Ultra a standout in the smartwatch market.

3. Regular Watch 7’s Display

By the way, the regular Watch 7 maintains the 2,000 nits from the Watch 6 Classic. While this is still a respectable level of brightness, it’s not quite as impressive as the Watch Ultra’s 3,000 nits.

However, the Watch 7’s display is still more than capable of handling everyday tasks and providing clear visuals in most lighting conditions.

4. Storage Upgrade

Another big upgrade is the storage – Samsung doubled it to 32GB for both the Watch 7 and Ultra. So no more worrying about running out of space for your music and apps.

With 32GB of storage, you can store a significant amount of data, including music, apps, and even some videos. This is a significant improvement over the Watch 6 Classic, which had only 16GB of storage.

The increased storage capacity is particularly useful for users who like to store music on their watch for offline listening or who have a large collection of apps.

With more storage available, you can enjoy your favorite tunes and apps without worrying about running out of space.

5. Size Options

Size-wise, the Watch 7 keeps things familiar with 40mm and 44mm options. The Watch Ultra, however, goes big with a single 47mm size.

The larger size of the Watch Ultra might appeal to users who prefer a more substantial watch or who have larger wrists.

However, the smaller sizes of the Watch 7 might be more appealing to those who prefer a more discreet or stylish watch.

6. Colors

The Watch 7 comes in fresh green and cream colors. The Watch Ultra offers a premium feel with Titanium Gray, Silver, and Beige.

The new colors for the Watch 7 add a touch of personality to the design, making it easier to match with different outfits or personal styles.

The premium colors of the Watch Ultra give it a more sophisticated look, making it suitable for formal occasions or business settings.

7. Case Materials

The Watch 7 uses aluminum for its case, while the Watch Ultra gets a step up with a tougher, more premium titanium build. Titanium is known for its strength and durability, making it an excellent choice for a smartwatch that needs to withstand daily wear and tear.

The Watch Ultra’s titanium case also gives it a more premium feel, making it a great option for those who want a high-end smartwatch.

8. Battery Upgrade

The Watch Ultra receives a significant battery upgrade, jumping to a massive 590mAh compared to the Watch 6 Classic’s 425mAh.

The Watch 7, however, keeps the same capacity as its predecessor. The increased battery life of the Watch Ultra means you can enjoy your smartwatch for longer periods without needing to recharge.

This is particularly useful for users who are always on the go or who forget to charge their watch from time to time.

9. Processor

Both watches come with a new 3nm processor. This promises a significant performance boost while keeping power consumption low, potentially leading to faster speeds and improved battery life.

The new processor is designed to handle demanding tasks such as gaming and video streaming while still providing efficient battery life.

10. Durability and Connectivity

The Watch Ultra comes with twice the durability of the Watch 6 Classic, featuring 10ATM IP68 water resistance and the MIL-STD-810H military certification.

This means it can withstand being submerged in water up to 100 meters deep for a short period and can withstand extreme temperatures, shocks, vibrations, humidity, and other demanding conditions. The Watch 7’s durability stays the same as last year.

The Watch Ultra’s increased durability makes it an excellent choice for users who engage in outdoor activities such as swimming, snorkeling, or hiking.

The military certification ensures that the watch can withstand harsh environments and extreme conditions, making it suitable for use in various industries such as construction, manufacturing, or the military.

The Watch Ultra also comes only in an LTE with Bluetooth model, likely affecting its price. The Watch 7 offers both Bluetooth and Bluetooth + LTE options, making it potentially more affordable.

This means that users who only need Bluetooth connectivity can opt for the more affordable Watch 7, while those who need LTE connectivity for features like mobile payments or GPS tracking will need to opt for the Watch Ultra.

Additional Details

We don’t have confirmed pricing yet, but expect it to be similar to the Galaxy Watch 6 for the base model. The Ultra, with its premium features and LTE connectivity, will likely be a bit pricier.

Additionally, Samsung will also launch the Galaxy Watch FE, which is essentially a refreshed version of the 2021 Galaxy Watch 4 with upgraded internal components. Reports suggest it will be priced at just $199.


In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra are expected to bring a new level of innovation and functionality to the smartwatch market. With their advanced features, durable designs, and improved performance, these watches are sure to impress.

Whether you’re looking for a stylish and functional smartwatch or a rugged and reliable one, the Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra have something to offer.

FAQs- Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 And Ultra OFFICIAL LEAK

Q1. When will Samsung announce the Galaxy Watch7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra?

Samsung is getting ready to tell us about the Galaxy Watch7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra. They’ll do this at the July Unpacked event. This exciting event should happen in Paris.

Q2. What is the official name of the rumored Galaxy Watch X?

Recently, it’s been confirmed that the Galaxy Watch Ultra is indeed the Galaxy Watch Ultra. This came out after it was called the Galaxy Watch X for a little while.

Q3. How does the Galaxy Watch Ultra differentiate itself from the standard Galaxy Watch7 models?

The Galaxy Watch Ultra steps up to challenge the Apple Watch Ultra 2. It’s got a titanium case in gray, beige, or silver. Plus, there’s a 10ATM depth rating, IP58 water, and dust resistance, and meets military standards.

Q4. How does the Galaxy Watch Ultra compare to the Apple Watch Ultra 2?

Deciding between the Galaxy Watch Ultra and Apple Watch Ultra 2 depends on what you value most. The Galaxy Watch Ultra (not yet released) might work with both Android and iOS devices, has a battery that could last a long time (according to rumors), and has a special spinning edge to help you move around the watch. But, we don’t know much about its cost or features yet.
The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is really good at keeping track of your health, with things like checking your blood temperature, which is great if you use an iPhone and want to keep a close eye on your health. The downside is it costs more and only works with Apple products.

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