Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Series – What to Expect and Hope For

The Samsung Galaxy Watch series has become a go-to choice for Android smartwatch users. With the Galaxy Watch 6 just a few months old, smartwatch enthusiasts are already looking ahead to the next iteration: the Galaxy Watch 7.

While Samsung hasn’t officially announced anything yet, rumors are swirling about what features it might have, when it might be released, and how much it might cost.

Let’s dive into the rumor mill and see what we can uncover!

When will the Galaxy Watch 7 be released?

Based on past trends, the Galaxy Watch 7 is expected to be unveiled in early July 2024, possibly around July 10th.

This could happen at a Samsung Unpacked event alongside the launch of the next generation of Galaxy Z foldable phones.

This timing would position the Galaxy Watch 7 to capitalize on the excitement around the Summer Olympics held in Paris later that month.

How Many Versions of The Galaxy Watch 7 Will There be?

While official designs are still under wraps, but Leaks suggest Samsung might be planning a trio of Galaxy Watch 7 models, offering something for everyone. Here’s what we know so far:

  • The Source: A leak from someone named Kro on X sparked the rumors, hinting at three distinct versions – a Classic, a Pro, and a named “new one.”
  • Model Numbers: Tech website Sammobile followed up, uncovering model numbers potentially linked to these three watches: SM-L300/SM-L305, SM-L310/SM-L315, and SM-L700/SM-L705.
  • Connectivity Speculation: The model numbers themselves might hold a clue. Traditionally, the last digit indicates connectivity – “0” could represent Wi-Fi only, while “5” might signify Wi-Fi and eSIM capabilities.

Unfortunately, details about the specific features or designs of these potential models remain under wraps. However, the rumored names – Classic, Pro, and “new one” – pique our curiosity.

Could the Classic bring back the beloved rotating bezel? Will the Pro boast enhanced features for fitness enthusiasts? And what surprises might the “new one” hold?

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What Features are Rumored for the Galaxy Watch 7?- Expected Upgrades

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7
(image source amazon)

The processing power of the Galaxy Watch 7 is also a hot topic. Rumors suggest it might come equipped with a new Exynos W940 SoC, which could be up to 50% more efficient and 30% faster than the chip used in the Galaxy Watch 6. This translates to smoother performance and potentially longer battery life.

Another exciting rumor is the possibility of a 3nm process being used for the SoC. This cutting-edge technology would further enhance efficiency and pave the way for even more powerful smartwatches in the future.

Storage capacity might also get a bump. The Galaxy Watch 7 is rumored to have double the storage space (32GB) compared to its predecessor, allowing you to store more music, apps, and data on your wrist.

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What We Hope For

Reliable Multi-Day Battery Life Across Sizes:

Leveraging the rumored 3nm chipset, the Galaxy Watch 7 series could offer substantial improvements in battery life. Ideally, users can expect consistent multi-day battery life across different watch sizes, addressing a persistent challenge in the smartwatch market.

Functional Blood Pressure Monitoring

Building on the technical capability present in the Galaxy Watch 6 series, we hope to see Samsung secure FDA clearance for blood pressure monitoring in the U.S. This addition would enhance the device’s health tracking capabilities, providing a more comprehensive user experience.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7
(image credit amazon)

Better Compatibility with Non-Samsung Phones

Samsung’s commitment to interoperability could be emphasized further by reducing feature exclusivity tied to Samsung phones. Whether by integrating ECG functionality into the Play Store version of the Galaxy Health app or making Samsung Health Monitor available on non-Samsung phones, improved compatibility would benefit a wider user base.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7

GPX for Running on the Watch 7 Pro

Targeting outdoor enthusiasts, the Watch 7 Pro could incorporate GPX mapping for running, complementing the existing support for hiking and cycling. This feature would cater to trail runners and expand the watch’s appeal to a broader fitness audience.

Extra Dim Setting

A small yet valuable enhancement could be the introduction of the Extra Dim setting from Samsung’s phones to its smartwatches. This adjustment would offer users greater control over screen brightness, especially in low-light conditions.

More Exciting Colors for the 7 Pro

Departing from the trend of subdued colors for Pro-level models, a diverse color palette for the Watch 7 Pro could add a touch of vibrancy. Offering options like gold, blue, or pink would cater to users seeking a personalized and aesthetically pleasing wearable.

Something Surprising

In the spirit of innovation, Samsung has an opportunity to introduce unexpected features or capabilities that set the Galaxy Watch 7 series apart.

Whether it’s a unique functionality, design element, or software enhancement, a touch of surprise could elevate the excitement surrounding the new release.


As we await the potential arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 series, the combination of rumored improvements and hoped-for features paints an intriguing picture of what might be in store.

Samsung’s continued dedication to advancing its smartwatch technology is evident, and users can anticipate a device that not only addresses current market needs but also introduces innovative elements that define the next generation of wearables.

Until the official announcement, users can still enjoy the capabilities of the Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic, which continue to be reliable choices in the smartwatch landscape.

Bottom Line
61IZmXci7qS. AC SL1500
SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 4 40mm
Bottom Line
The SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 4 40mm Smartwatch, featuring ECG monitoring, fitness tracking, sleep analysis, GPS, and Bluetooth, remains a compelling choice. While the eagerly awaited Galaxy Watch 7 is still on the horizon, the current Galaxy Watch 4 stands out with its impressive array of functionalities, making it an excellent option for those seeking advanced smartwatch capabilities.
51v3H5bDqPL. AC SL1500
SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 5 40mm 
Bottom Line
The SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 5 40mm LTE Smartwatch boasts a suite of advanced features, including body, health, fitness, and sleep tracking. With an improved battery for extended usage, durable sapphire crystal glass, and enhanced GPS tracking capabilities, this smartwatch offers a comprehensive and upgraded experience for users seeking top-notch functionality in a sleek and stylish design.
81Dm65eja8L. AC SL1500
Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic
Bottom Line
The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic 47mm Smartwatch is a sophisticated wearable with a rotating bezel for intuitive navigation. Packed with features, including a fitness tracker, advanced sleep coaching, and a heart monitor, it offers a comprehensive approach to health and wellness. The classic design coupled with cutting-edge technology makes it a standout choice for users seeking a blend of style and advanced functionality in a smartwatch.

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