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Best Fitbit Apps to Unlock Your Fitness Potential

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Fitbit devices offer more than just basic fitness tracking, allowing users to enhance their overall experience through various third-party apps.

While the latest generation of Fitbit smartwatches may have dropped third-party app support, users of earlier devices, such as the Fitbit Sense and Versa 3, can still enjoy various applications.

Here’s a roundup of the best Fitbit apps you can download today to maximize the potential of your fitness tracker.

The best Fitbit apps
C25K Trainer
Treasure Trek
Starbucks Card
SpO2 Tracker
Water Logged
Home Connect

Best Fitbit Apps for Runners and Athletes

1. C25K Trainer: Couch to 5K in Two Months

Best Fitbit Apps for Runners and Athletes
(Image Source Fitbit)

The C25K Trainer app is famous for beginner runners looking to train for their first 5K race. It’s based on the Couch to 5K (C25K) program, which gradually increases the running intervals and decreases the walking intervals over 8 weeks.

This makes it accessible for people of all fitness levels, even those who haven’t exercised regularly. Transition from a sedentary lifestyle to a runner with the C25K Trainer Fitbit app. This app simplifies the process, offering daily workouts and gentle warm-ups.

Say goodbye to couch potato habits as you gradually build stamina and improve your overall health over two months.

Price: Free

2. SpO2 Tracker: Monitor Your Oxygen Levels

Best Fitbit Apps
(Image Source Fitbit)

The SpO2 Tracker app for Fitbit allows users to monitor blood oxygen saturation levels during sleep. To use the app, wear your Fitbit device while sleeping, sync it with the Fitbit app upon waking, and view the SpO2 data in the Health Metrics tab. The app operates in the background and won’t appear on the device.

On-wrist SpO2 values can be seen using clock faces from the SpO2 category. Users authorize Fitbit to utilize their health data for displaying metrics. The app has limitations, such as not saying values below 80% and not meant for medical diagnosis or treatment.

Frequent charging may be required. Users can uninstall the app or delete data/account at any time. Consult healthcare professionals for specific health concerns.

Pirece: Free

Best Fitbit Apps to Rock Your Workouts with Music

3. Spotify: Your DJ on the Wrist

Best Fitbit Apps to Rock Your Workouts with Music
(Image Source Fitbit)

The Spotify Fitbit app is one of the best fitbit apps for android and iPhone users to control music and podcasts from their wrist on devices like Fitbit Versa, Ionic, and Charge 4. A Spotify Premium account is required. Users can connect and control various Spotify Connect devices, including phones, laptops, TVs, and more.

The behavior may vary depending on the connected device’s implementation of Spotify Connect. For devices like Google Home, initiating playback from the device may be necessary. Notably, volume control is not currently supported through Fitbit devices.

Price : Free

4. Barcodes: Your Digital Wallet on the Go

Fitbit Smartwatch barcode app
(Image Source Fitbit)

The barcode storage app enables users to store up to 7 barcodes on their watch for easy access, which applies to cards like supermarket, gym, or student cards. Users can switch between stored barcodes using the eye’s up and down buttons.

After installing the app, users must enter the numbers/letters beneath the desired barcode in the app’s phone settings, save the information, and wait for the watch to vibrate, signalling successful synchronization. This convenient solution streamlines access to multiple barcodes, enhancing efficiency for users on the go.

5. Uber: Quick and Discreet Rides

uber app for Fitbit
(Image Source Fitbit)

The Fitbit Uber app is a handy tool for users looking to seamlessly request Uber rides directly from their Fitbit devices. While it may not boast all the features of its smartphone counterpart, the app enables users to effortlessly order rides, check ride estimates, and review driver details.

Crucial information like driver ratings, estimated arrival times, and pricing is conveniently displayed on the Fitbit tracker screen. It’s worth noting that some functionalities, such as altering the destination mid-journey, still require the use of a smartphone.

In essence, the Fitbit Uber app provides a practical and user-friendly option for managing Uber rides while on the move.

Price: Free / Must pay for rides / View App for Fitbit Store

6. Starbucks Card

Starbucks Card Fitbit App
(Image Source Fitbit)

If you’re a daily Starbucks drinker and use a Fitbit, the Starbucks app is the top third-party Fitbit app. It lets you pay with your Starbucks card directly from your Fitbit, meaning you can leave your wallet or phone at home.

Just scan your Fitbit to use it, but remember to load your Starbucks credit onto the app. Though it’s specific to Starbucks, it’s a super convenient solution if you’re a regular at the coffee shop.

Price: Free / View on Fitbit app store

Best Fitbit Smartwatch Apps to Brighten Your Day with Fun and Games

7. Treasure Trek: Gamify Your Workouts

Best Fitbit Smartwatch  Gaming Apps
(Image Source Fitbit)

Finding motivation to work out can be challenging, but gamification offers a solution with apps like Treasure Trek. This lighthearted application turns your steps into energy for a virtual pirate ship, letting you uncover sunken treasures as you progress. Earned coins can be used for ship and crew upgrades, and the best part – no microtransactions! You can even adopt pets for an entertaining and wholesome touch. While not the most practical workout tool, Treasure Trek transforms exercise into an enjoyable and engaging experience.

Price: Free // View App on Fitbit App Store

8. Water Logged: Hydration Tracking Made Easy

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(Image Source Fitbit)

Easily log your water intake directly from your Fitbit Ionic or Versa with the Water Logged app. No additional downloads are necessary; use this watch app.

Monitor your daily water goal and track consumption throughout the day. The app provides quick-log buttons to quickly record a glass, water bottle, or two water bottles’ worth of water in one click.

For precise tracking, specify the exact water value. Customize units and bottle presets in the settings. All data is synced to Fitbit for seamless access across your devices, ensuring you stay on track with your hydration goals for a healthier lifestyle.

Price: Free // View app on Fitbit App Store

9. Home Connect

Best Fitbit App
(Image Source Fitbit)

Home Connect is a versatile app designed to monitor your home appliances remotely, providing you with the convenience of managing them even while you’re away. Whether you’re out for a run or on the move, you can quickly check the status of your washing machine, preheat your oven, or start your coffee machine, ensuring a seamless transition back home.

Accessible through your Fitbit smartwatch, Home Connect is an open platform that integrates various home appliance brands such as Bosch, Siemens, Neff, Gaggenau, and Thermador and collaborates with multiple partner services.

This integration creates a comprehensive Smart Home experience, offering you control and insights into your appliances for a more connected and efficient home management system.

Price: Free / View App on Fitbit Store


Discover a new level of fitness with your Fitbit and these fantastic apps. Incorporate the best Fitbit apps into your fitness routine and see the difference they can make. These tools keep you motivated, engaged, and on track toward your health and wellness goals.

These apps offer innovative ways to elevate your fitness journey, from personalised music playlists to gamified workouts. Say goodbye to boring activities and hello to a more exciting and enjoyable fitness experience.

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