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Apple Watch SE 3: Specs, Features, Pricing

Apple Watch SE 3 wishlist: Everything You Need to Know

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The Apple Watch has become synonymous with smartwatches, thanks to its unparalleled app support and seamless iPhone integration.

Apple introduced the SE series to cater to budget-conscious consumers, which offers a lower price point without compromising on the overall experience.

As we approach the upgrade cycle for this year, let’s explore the features and enhancements we hope to see in the next affordable Apple Watch SE 3.

Apple Watch SE 3 Wishlist

Apple Watch enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the release of the budget-friendly Apple Watch SE 3. As the launch date approaches, users eagerly share their desired features and improvements for the upcoming smartwatch.

From enhanced fitness tracking capabilities to longer battery life and improved connectivity, there is a growing wishlist of features that users hope to see in the new Apple Watch SE 3.

1. Always-On Display

One of the highly anticipated features of the Apple Watch SE 3 is the inclusion of an optional always-on display. Currently, the SE 2 lacks this feature, making it necessary to raise your wrist to activate the screen.

Apple Watch SE 3

With always-on mode, users can enjoy their favorite watch faces and access important information at a glance without compromising battery life. We expect the SE 3 to bring improvements in power efficiency to support this feature.

2. Enhanced Screen Size

Addressing the topic of displays, an enhancement in screen size for the SE series is a long-awaited wish. While the Series 7 set a new standard, the SE 2, despite launching alongside the Series 8, maintained a 20% smaller display, rendering it 27% smaller than the expansive Ultra line.

Apple Watch SE 3

This limitation translated to reduced real estate for apps, menus, and graphics and excluded the SE line from accessing Apple’s Qwerty keyboard – a handy feature for wrist-based texting.
Although the slight difference in case sizes between the SE 2 (40mm and 44mm) and the Series 8 (41mm and 45mm) may not be immediately noticeable, users advocate for a size bump.

The call for reducing the SE’s bezels is a crucial improvement, potentially augmenting the screen’s specifications and addressing concerns about limited display space.

Blood Oxygen Monitoring

While the Apple Watch SE series is positioned as a budget-friendly option, it is time for Apple to include SpO2 (blood oxygen) monitoring in all its Apple Watches.

Apple Watch SE 3: Specs, Features, Pricing

Although this feature is currently limited to the flagship models, it has become a staple among fitness trackers in various price ranges.

Expanding the accessibility of SpO2 monitoring across the Apple Watch lineup, including the SE 3, would significantly enhance health tracking capabilities for all users.

Upgraded Processor – S9 Chip

The Apple Watch SE 2 already received a 20% faster processor than its predecessor. Still, we anticipate the SE 3 to be equipped with an S9 chipset or a newer version.

Apple Watch SE 3: Specs, Features, Pricing

This advancement would enable the latest gesture controls and future-proof the watch for upcoming software additions.

Users can expect improved performance and responsiveness in daily usage, further enhancing the overall smartwatch experience.

Extended Battery Life

As with every new Apple Watch iteration, we yearn for extended battery life. While the SE series already offers Low Power Mode, we anticipate the SE 3 incorporating advanced fast charging technology similar to the Series 7.

This improvement would alleviate concerns related to battery drain and give users longer usage time before recharging their devices.

Apple Watch SE 3 Release Date

While Apple hasn’t officially confirmed the release of the Apple Watch SE 3, there’s a strong likelihood that it will be unveiled in the fall of 2024.

The pattern of biannual launches for the SE line, coupled with insights from reliable sources like leaker Mark Gurman, points to a potential September 2024 release. This aligns with Apple’s tradition of significant product announcements in the fall, usually in September.

The SE series, known for its affordability, caters to primary users and even kids, offering a more budget-friendly alternative in Apple’s diverse smartwatch lineup. Considering the last release in September 2022, the expected timeline for the next iteration seems plausible.

Rumors also suggest the Apple Watch SE 3 debut alongside Apple’s anniversary model, the Apple Watch X, adding to the anticipation. As the information unfolds, keeping an eye on official announcements and updates from reliable sources will clarify the potential launch. Stay tuned for further details and insights into what could be an exciting addition to Apple’s smartwatch family.


The base price for the Apple Watch SE 3 is anticipated to remain competitive, with expectations set at $249. This pricing strategy aligns with the budget-friendly positioning of the SE series, making it an attractive alternative at $50 less than Apple’s flagship smartwatch.

Worth the Wait? Deciding on the Apple Watch SE 3

The decision to wait for the Apple Watch SE 3 depends on your current wearable situation. If you don’t own a smartwatch, the Apple Watch SE 2 is a great entry point with robust watchOS support. However, waiting for the SE 3 might be worthwhile if you already have the original SE.

Waiting for the SE 3 may not make sense for Android users since Apple Watches are incompatible. Instead, consider alternatives like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 or Pixel Watch 2 on the Wear OS platform.

Another option is the Garmin Venu SQ 2, a budget-friendly smartwatch compatible with both iPhones and Android phones, particularly suitable for fitness-focused users.

While the Apple Watch SE 2 is still an excellent device, weighing your current needs against the potential upgrades in the SE 3 will help you make an informed decision.

Ultimately, the decision is yours. Weigh the potential benefits of waiting against your own needs and preferences to make the best choice for you.


The Apple Watch SE 3 is poised to bring many exciting features and enhancements to the budget-friendly smartwatch lineup. With the possibility of an always-on display, larger screen size, blood oxygen monitoring, an upgraded chipset, and improved battery life, the SE 3 aims to appeal to a wide range of consumers.

Stay tuned for Apple’s fall event, expected in September, when the SE 3 will likely be unveiled alongside other exciting product announcements. Whether you wait for the SE 3 or the current SE 2, Apple’s dedication to innovation ensures a compelling experience for all Apple Watch enthusiasts.

Q. Will there be an Apple Watch SE 3 in 2024?

The Apple Watch SE 3 is a highly anticipated product, with strong evidence pointing towards its release in September 2024. Past launch patterns and analyst predictions suggest that this is the expected timeframe. The SE 3 is expected to have a faster processor, potentially the S9 chip, and will feature enhanced health tracking capabilities, including temperature sensing and possibly a larger display. However, Apple has not yet made any official confirmation, so staying tuned for further updates is essential. In short, while the SE 3 is likely to be released, it’s necessary to be patient until Apple makes an official announcement.

Q. Is the Apple Watch SE 3 getting an always-on display?

There is no official information from Apple regarding the features of the Apple Watch SE 3, including whether it will have an always-on display. Rumors and wishlist features from users have indeed expressed a desire for an always-on display in the next iteration of the SE series.
The presence of an always-on display would allow users to keep their watch faces active without needing to raise their wrists, providing continuous visibility. To know for certain if the Apple Watch SE 3 will include an always-on display, it’s best to await the official announcement from Apple, which typically occurs closer to the product’s release date.

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