Xiaomi Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X Leaked: Here’s What We Know So Far

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Xiaomi Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X
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Xiaomi Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X: The Next Generation of Smartwatches for Kids Xiaomi, a renowned brand recognized for its diverse range of products beyond smartphones, is also leading the wearable industry.

Among their impressive catalog, they offer a series of smartwatches specifically designed for kids.

However, these remarkable devices have predominantly remained limited to the Chinese market.

Xiaomi Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X specification (Rumored)

According to Gizmochina, Xiaomi is gearing up to launch a new addition to its Mitu Kids Smartwatch lineup. The upcoming Smartwatch, which has the model number MTSB25XUN, will be officially known as the Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X.

The report does not provide any specific details about the smartwatch’s features, but it does mention that it will be a significant upgrade over the previous model. It is also expected to be more affordable than its predecessor.

Here is a table of the Xiaomi Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X specifications, based on the Gizmochina report:

Under the Mitu branding, Xiaomi has developed an exceptional lineup of smartwatches exclusively for children, Xiaomi Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X. Excitingly, recent findings suggest that the company is gearing up to launch a new addition to this already remarkable series.

Identified within the IMEI database by Xiaomiui, an upcoming Xiaomi wearable intended for children has surfaced. This eagerly anticipated smartwatch carries the model number MTSB25XUN and will be officially known as the Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X.

Xiaomi Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X Release Date

Given its terminology, it is expected to succeed the Mitu Kids Smartwatch 6X introduced in 2022. Unfortunately, the listing does not provide detailed information about this intriguing device.

Considering the presence of the Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X in the IMEI database, it is highly likely to support cellular connectivity akin to its predecessors.

This exciting feature enables wearers to easily make audio/video calls to their parents or guardians, engage in conversations through popular messaging platforms like WeChat/QQ, and even enjoy real-time location updates, among other capabilities.

The Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X is projected to possess a robust design, offered in attractive colors. Furthermore, it is expected to be water-resistant, ensuring durability and versatility.

The inclusion of a camera and a microphone will enhance the functionality of the device, adding value to the overall user experience.

Building upon the achievements of its predecessor, the Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X will likely provide an array of educational applications, support contactless payments, offer basic workout modes, and much more.

Despite the absence of formal announcements, we anticipate the unveiling of this remarkable device through discreet social media channels.

Xiaomi Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X
Xiaomi Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X

Why the Xiaomi Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X is the Best

The Xiaomi Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X differentiates out from the competitors because of its outstanding features and kid-friendly style.

The Xiaomi Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X stands out because of its exceptional features and child-friendly design.

This smartwatch is designed with a strong focus on children’s safety. It provides a secure and sturdy design, real-time GPS location tracking, voice calls, messaging features, and a handy classroom mode.

Let’s delve into the details of what makes the Xiaomi Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X truly one-of-a-kind.

Safe and Resistant Design:

The Xiaomi Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X is specifically tailored for children, making their safety and comfort the topmost priority.

This smartwatch was made with sturdy materials so it could survive kids’ active lifestyles. Its adjustable strap ensures a secure fit for little wrists, giving parents peace of mind knowing their children can wear it worry-free.

Real-Time GPS Location:

One remarkable feature of the Xiaomi Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X is its real-time GPS location capability. With this exceptional functionality, parents can easily track their children’s whereabouts at all times.

This advanced technology provides an added layer of security and tranquility for parents, ensuring they can be aware of their child’s location whenever necessary.

In case of emergencies, the smartwatch also includes an SOS emergency button that allows children to seek immediate help.

Voice Calls and Messages:

Keeping communication open between parents and children is of utmost importance, and the Xiaomi Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X makes it effortlessly achievable.

Children can make use of the opportunity to phone and message their parents or other specified contacts. This seamless connectivity allows for swift coordination of day-to-day activities, ensuring parents and children never lose touch.

Classroom Mode:

Acknowledging the significance of uninterrupted study time, the Xiaomi Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X incorporates a convenient classroom mode feature.

By engaging in this mode, all distractions are disabled, enabling children to concentrate solely on their studies during school hours or critical moments.

This feature promotes a positive learning environment and encourages children to focus on what truly matters.

Where to Buy the Xiaomi Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X:

The global market will soon be graced with the presence of the Xiaomi Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X.

Interested individuals can effortlessly obtain this remarkable smartwatch through Xiaomi’s physical stores or their online store.

It is imperative to purchase through approved sales channels to guarantee the product’s legitimacy and gain access to the required technical assistance.


For parents seeking a smart device that combines safety, connectivity, and excellent features, the Xiaomi Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X is the ultimate solution.

With its secure and durable design, real-time GPS location functionality, easy voice calls and messaging, and the addition of a classroom mode, this smartwatch provides everything needed to ensure children’s safety and well-being. Keep an eye out for the upcoming launch of the Xiaomi Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X, and gift your children a unique and secure technological experience.

In conclusion, Xiaomi continues to innovate and cater to a wide range of consumer needs beyond smartphones. Their upcoming Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X exemplifies their commitment to delivering exceptional wearable technology for children. With its advanced features, durable design, and extensive capabilities, Xiaomi showcases its dedication to providing the best smartwatches for kids in the market.


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