Xiaomi Watch 2 at MWC 2024: A Comprehensive Look at Specs, Features, and More

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Exciting news for tech enthusiasts! Xiaomi is gearing up to launch a new version of its popular smartwatch, the Xiaomi Watch 2, and it’s catching attention for all the right reasons.

Priced at just under 200 euros, this upcoming release promises to be one of the most budget-friendly smartwatches equipped with Google’s Wear OS and a modern Qualcomm CPU.

Let’s delve into the details of what makes the Xiaomi Watch 2 a promising addition to the world of wearables.

Xiaomi’s Confirmation and MWC 2024 Showcase

Recent leaks, courtesy of Winfuture, have provided a detailed glimpse into the Xiaomi Watch 2’s specifications, setting the stage for what could be an impressive device.

While the leaked information doesn’t specify the official launch date for the Xiaomi Watch 2, Xiaomi has confirmed its participation in MWC 2024.

The teaser from Xiaomi suggests that the event could witness the official unveiling of the Xiaomi Watch 2.

Furthermore, there are hints about other potential product launches at MWC 2024, including a tablet, a robot vacuum, and even Xiaomi’s venture into the automotive sector.

As anticipation builds for the official reveal, the Xiaomi Watch 2 seems poised to make a significant impact in the smartwatch market.

Xiaomi Watch 2 Available for Pre-Order

Xiaomi Watch 2 at MWC 2024

Even before its official launch, the Xiaomi Watch 2 has made its way onto the market and is already available for pre-order at several retailers.

With expected prices ranging from 199.99 to 219.99 euros, depending on the country, it’s positioning itself as an accessible yet feature-packed smartwatch.

The two variants, featuring a 46-millimeter wide aluminum case in black or silver, each come with correspondingly colored bracelets, offering users a touch of personalization.

Impressive Features at a Glance

The Xiaomi Watch 2, in its standard iteration without the “Pro” suffix, shares many fundamental features with its more advanced counterpart.

Sporting a 1.43-inch AMOLED display with 466 x 466 pixels, the device maintains a sleek aesthetic with a bezel that cleverly integrates into the design.

Noteworthy is the always-on mode, enhancing user convenience.

Power-Packed Performance

Under the hood, the standard Xiaomi Watch 2 packs a punch with the Qualcomm Snapdragon W5+ Gen 1 quad-core SoC, manufactured on a 4-nanometer scale.

This setup, coupled with an energy-efficient co-processor, promises extended battery life, with Xiaomi claiming a maximum runtime of up to 65 hours – equivalent to nearly three days.

Fitness and Beyond

Designed for the active lifestyle, the Xiaomi Watch 2 boasts water resistance up to 5 ATM, making it resilient to splashes, although caution is advised against wearing it while swimming.

The device incorporates a range of sensors to support over 150 sports modes, sleep monitoring, speed measurement, and even blood oxygen saturation checks.

Standard features like heart rate measurement and step counting are also part of the package.

Wear OS Integration

Running on a variant of Google Wear OS, the Xiaomi Watch 2 ensures compatibility with popular Google apps such as Google Wallet, Google Maps, and the Play Store for additional applications.

This integration enhances the overall user experience, turning the smartwatch into a versatile companion for daily tasks.

Connectivity and Design

While the Xiaomi Watch 2 standard version lacks a rotary wheel, simplifying its design, it retains a visually appealing aesthetic.

Connectivity options include Bluetooth 5.2, WiFi, NFC, GPS, and GNSS. It’s important to note that the standard version exclusively supports Bluetooth 5.2, with no LTE-capable variant available – a feature reserved for the Pro models.


With its affordable price point, robust features, and stylish design, the Xiaomi Watch 2 is poised to make waves in the wearable tech market.

As it becomes available for purchase in the coming weeks, tech enthusiasts and fitness aficionados alike will have the opportunity to experience innovation without breaking the bank.

Stay tuned for the official launch, and get ready to embrace the future of smartwatches with the Xiaomi Watch 2.

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