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Garmin Instinct 3: Release Date, Specifications, and What We Want to See

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The Garmin Instinct series has been a game-changer in the world of rugged, outdoor-focused smartwatches. With its durable design, impressive battery life, and a range of features tailored for adventurers and fitness enthusiasts, the Instinct has carved out a unique niche for itself.

As we eagerly await the release of the Garmin Instinct 3, let’s dive into the anticipated release date, potential specifications, and the features we hope to see in this highly anticipated wearable.

Release Date: When Can We Expect the Garmin Instinct 3?

There is no official announcement from Garmin regarding the release date of the Instinct 3. Based on Garmin’s typical release cycle, the Instinct 3 is likely to hit the market in 2025 or later. The Instinct 2 series was launched in February 2022, followed by the Instinct 2X in April 2023. Historically, Garmin has released a new Instinct model every 1-2 years.

Some users on Garmin forums speculate that Garmin might release an intermediate generation, similar to the Fenix 7 Pro, called the Instinct 2 Pro, which could arrive sooner than the Instinct 3, potentially in end of 2024. This model would compare the capabilities of the current Instinct 2 models to the Instinct 2X and add some improvements.

However, it’s worth noting that the Instinct 2 received a major software update in the summer of 2023, which could potentially push back the release of the Instinct 3. Additionally, the Instinct 2X is still a relatively new addition to the lineup, making a new hardware release before 2025 seem unlikely.

While we may have to wait a bit longer for the Instinct 3, the anticipation is building, and Garmin enthusiasts are eager to see what the company has in store for this rugged and versatile smartwatch.

Potential Specifications: What to Expect from the Instinct 3

As we speculate about the  Garmin Instinct 3/3X, it’s essential to consider the features and specifications that have made the Instinct series so popular. Here are some potential upgrades and new additions we might see in the Instinct 3:

Instinct 3 Garmin

Garmin Instinct 3 Display

The Instinct series is known for its monochrome, sunlight-readable displays, which prioritize battery life and readability over flashy visuals.

However, some users have expressed interest in seeing an AMOLED display in the Instinct 3, which could provide better visibility and support for features like maps.

Garmin has patented solar charging technology for AMOLED displays, which could help mitigate the battery life impact of a more power-hungry screen.

Alternatively, the company might opt for a larger screen size with slimmer bezels, while maintaining the current MIP display technology.

Sensors and Features

Garmin Instinct 3 release date

The  Garmin Instinct 3/3X is expected to build upon the impressive sensor suite of its predecessors, which includes GPS, heart rate monitoring, and a range of activity tracking capabilities. Some potential upgrades could include:

  • Improved GPS accuracy and faster satellite acquisition
  • Integration of the new Fenix 7 Pro sensors for enhanced performance tracking
  • Addition of a barometric altimeter for more precise elevation data
  • Inclusion of a flashlight feature, which has been a popular request among Instinct users

Connectivity and Smartwatch Features

As a rugged outdoor watch, the Instinct series has traditionally focused on fitness and navigation features rather than advanced smartwatch capabilities.

However, with the increasing demand for connected devices, the Instinct 3 /3X might see some improvements in this area:

  • Enhanced connectivity options, such as Bluetooth 5.0 or Wi-Fi
  • Improved smartphone integration for seamless data syncing and notifications
  • Expanded app support and customization options
  • Potential integration with Garmin’s new HRM-FIT heart rate sensor and Lily 2 smartwatch

Garmin Instinct 3 Design and Durability

One of the key selling points of the Instinct series is its rugged and durable design. The Instinct 3 is expected to maintain this core attribute while potentially introducing some refinements:

  • Reinforced case materials for enhanced impact resistance
  • Improved water resistance ratings for deeper diving and water sports
  • Interchangeable strap options for personalization and versatility
  • Potential introduction of a solar-powered variant, building on the success of the Instinct Solar

What We Want to See: Wishlist for the Garmin Instinct 3

As we eagerly await the release of the Garmin Instinct 3, here are some features and improvements we hope to see in this highly anticipated wearable:

Garmin Instinct 3

Mapping and Navigation

One of the most requested features for the Instinct 3 is the addition of full-fledged mapping capabilities.

While the current Instinct models offer basic navigation features, the ability to load detailed maps onto the watch would greatly enhance its utility for outdoor enthusiasts.

Garmin could potentially offer a monochrome version of its popular mapping technology, similar to what we’ve seen on the Fenix series.

This would allow users to navigate complex trails, plan routes, and find their way back to safety without relying solely on breadcrumb trails.

Improved Battery Life

The Instinct series is already known for its impressive battery life, with the Instinct 2X boasting up to 80 days in smartwatch mode and up to 200 hours in GPS mode.

However, as we venture into more remote areas and undertake longer expeditions, even more battery life would be welcomed.

We hope to see the Instinct 3 push the boundaries of battery life even further, potentially offering a solar-powered variant that can recharge itself during daylight hours.

This would allow users to track their activities for extended periods without worrying about running out of juice.

Customization and Personalization

While the Instinct series has always prioritized functionality over form, there’s still room for improvement when it comes to customization and personalization options.

We’d love to see Garmin offer a wider range of strap options, including materials like leather and metal, to cater to different styles and preferences.

Additionally, the ability to customize watch faces, data fields, and app layouts would allow users to tailor the Instinct 3 to their specific needs and preferences.

This level of personalization would make the watch feel more like an extension of the user’s personality and lifestyle.

Integrated Flashlight

One feature that has been consistently requested by Instinct users is the addition of a built-in flashlight. This would be particularly useful for nighttime activities, emergencies, and situations where a bright light is needed.

Garmin could potentially integrate an LED flashlight into the watch case, allowing users to activate it with a simple button press or gesture.

Climbpro and Topographic Maps

For the adventurous souls who love to conquer peaks and explore rugged terrain, the inclusion of Climbpro and topographic maps would be a game-changer.

Climbpro, a feature found on the Fenix series, provides detailed information about upcoming climbs, including grade, distance, and elevation gain.

Topographic maps, on the other hand, would allow users to visualize the terrain in greater detail, making it easier to plan routes and navigate challenging landscapes.

These features, combined with the Instinct’s rugged design and durability, would make it an indispensable tool for mountaineers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts.


As we eagerly await the release of the Garmin Instinct 3, it’s clear that the expectations are high. Garmin has set a high bar with the Instinct series, and users are hoping to see even more impressive features and capabilities in the upcoming model.

While the release date is still uncertain, with most signs pointing to a 2025 launch at the earliest, the anticipation is building. Whether Garmin decides to stick with the tried-and-true monochrome display or experiment with AMOLED technology, one thing is certain: the Instinct 3 will need to deliver on the core attributes that have made the series so popular – durability, battery life, and a focus on outdoor performance.

As we wait for more information to emerge about the Instinct 3, one thing is clear: Garmin has an opportunity to take the Instinct series to new heights and solidify its position as a leader in the rugged smartwatch market. With the right combination of features, design, and performance, the Instinct 3 has the potential to be a true game-changer in the world of outdoor wearables.

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FAQs: Garmin Instinct 3

Q. When will the Garmin Instinct 3 be released?

The Instinct 3, eagerly awaited by outdoor enthusiasts, remains mysterious. While Garmin hasn’t uttered an official release date, clues and industry trends offer tantalizing hints. Garmin Instinct 3 is likely to be released in 2025 or later. The Instinct 2 series was launched in February 2022, followed by the Instinct 2X in April 2023. Historically, Garmin has released a new Instinct model every 1-2 years. However, with the recent release of the Instinct 2X and considering the typical release cycle, it is expected that the Instinct 3 will hit the market in 2025 or beyond.

Q. Will Android Messenger work with Garmin Instinct 3?

While the Instinct 3 is eagerly awaited, its Android Messenger compatibility remains shrouded in mystery. We can, however, peek through the lens of the current Instinct 2 to get a glimpse of what to expect.
On the bright side, basic functionality seems likely. Imagine notifications popping up on your wrist, showcasing the sender and snippets of messages. You might even be able to fire off pre-written quick replies like “On my way!” through the Garmin Connect app. Think “brief updates over full conversations.”
But crafting entire messages from scratch on the Instinct 3? Probably not. Voice replies, a feature on the Venu 2 Plus, might also be absent. So, prepare to keep your phone handy for composing longer messages.
Remember, this is just an educated guess based on existing models. Once the Instinct 3 graces our wrists, the Android Messenger picture will become clearer. But even with limited functionality, it can still be a handy on-the-go companion, letting you know who’s buzzing without stopping your run. And who knows, future updates might expand its messaging powers. So, while full-fledged conversations might be on hold, stay tuned for exciting possibilities!

Q. How much will the Garmin Instinct 3 cost?

The price tag of the Garmin Instinct 3 is still a closely guarded secret, but we can make some informed predictions based on its predecessor and market trends. Buckle up, adventurers!
The Instinct 3 will likely land in the same price range as its solar-powered sibling, the Instinct 2 Solar, which starts around $350-$400. This sweet spot is typical for mid-range outdoor GPS watches with features like multi-band GPS and, hopefully, advanced solar charging.
However, the price could go up slightly if the Instinct 3 packs some serious upgrades, like an ECG sensor or a fancy new display. Plus, the market competition from Polar and Suunto will play a role in Garmin’s final decision.
But hey, don’t despair! Introductory discounts and special offers might be lurking around the corner, making the Instinct 3 even more tempting.
So, keep your eyes peeled for official announcements from Garmin in early 2024. They’ll unveil the price tag and let you pre-order your very own Instinct 3 adventure!

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