Amaztim Smartwatch Review: Fitness on a Budget

Are you in search of a smartwatch that can match your busy schedule? Look no further than the AMAZTIM Smartwatch[M2]. This feature-rich device combines rugged durability with cutting-edge technology, making it the perfect companion for workouts, adventures, and everyday use.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the AMAZTIM M2 and explore its key features:

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, an adventurer, or simply someone who needs a reliable smartwatch, the AMAZTIM M2 is a compelling choice. Let’s explore why this Amaztim smartwatch stands out from the crowd!

Amaztim Smart Watch Spec

AMAZTIM M2 FeatureDescription
Display1.72″ TFT screen
Resolution280×320  pixels
MaterialCorning Gorilla Glass screen with space aluminum alloy metal
Military StandardCertified to MIL-STD810H, passed 12 military tests for extreme conditions
Water ResistanceImmersible in 100M deep water (IP69K waterproof)
BluetoothVersion 5.0, enables phone calls and music control
Health MonitoringReal-time heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen monitoring
Fitness TrackingPedometer for calorie tracking, sleep monitoring
Battery LifeStandby time above 50 days, 14 days of use time, 20 hours of continuous exercise
CompatibilityAndroid 6.0 and IOS 9.0 or higher
Sports Modes24 modes including running, cycling, swimming, basketball, and more

Amaztim Smart Watch Spec Pros and Cons

  • Lightweight yet robust construction
  • 50-meter water resistance (IP69K)
  • Corning Gorilla Glass display promises scratch resistance
  • Military-grade cobalt battery 
  • 70 sports modes with Intelligent Sports Recognition
  •  AI Voice Assistant & Make Calls
  • 24H Health monitoring feature
  • Limited Watch Faces
  • Weather App Issues
  • Inaccurate step counting

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Amaztim Smartwatch Review

As a fitness enthusiast who practically lives outdoors, I constantly search for a smartwatch that can keep up with my active lifestyle. Enter the AMAZTIM M2! This watch has become my go-to adventure buddy, boasting impressive durability, a battery life that outlasts my most epic hikes, and features to track all my activities.

Here’s my in-depth review to see if it’s the perfect match for your wild side!

Design and Durability

Amaztim Smartwatch Review

The AMAZTIM M2 Smart Watch is meticulously crafted with a focus on both design aesthetics and durability. Boasting a 1.85-inch Corning Gorilla screen, the device ensures a visually stunning display that is both vibrant and robust.

The use of TC4 titanium in the unibody construction sets it apart in terms of durability, offering resistance against wear and tear. The integration of two-color silicone rubber represents a pioneering approach in smartwatch design, making it the world’s first smartwatch with such a feature.

The military-grade materials employed in the construction of the AMAZTIM M2 contribute to its exceptional toughness. The fully enclosed design further enhances its resilience, successfully passing 12 Military Tests.

These tests, including exposure to salt spray, rain, and impact, demonstrate the smartwatch’s ability to withstand a range of challenging conditions.

This level of durability ensures that the AMAZTIM M2 is a reliable companion for users with an active lifestyle, providing peace of mind in various environments.

Waterproof and Rugged Build

Amaztim Smartwatch Review

One of the standout features of the AMAZTIM M2 is its impressive waterproof capability, allowing it to be submerged up to 50 meters (IP69K waterproof).

It makes the smartwatch suitable for various water-based activities, including swimming and snorkeling.

The rugged military-grade build, combined with the fully enclosed ultra-thin case design, ensures that the device can endure extreme conditions.

The AMAZTIM M2 has not only met but exceeded expectations in durability tests, including drilling, crushing, and hot steam washout.

These tests validate the smartwatch’s ability to withstand demanding situations, making it a reliable choice for users who seek a durable and resilient wearable.

The combination of a waterproof design and rugged build positions the AMAZTIM M2 as a versatile device capable of accompanying users in various challenging environments.

Voice Assistant and Calling

The integration of an AI Voice Assistant sets the AMAZTIM M2 apart by offering hands-free control and convenience.

Users can leverage voice commands to instruct the watch, performing a variety of tasks such as asking questions, playing music, checking the weather, and setting alarms and timers.

This feature adds a new dimension to user interaction, providing a seamless and efficient way to engage with the smartwatch’s functionalities.

The ability to answer and make calls through the voice assistant is a practical solution for scenarios where holding a mobile phone is inconvenient, such as when driving.

This feature enhances user safety and convenience, aligning the AMAZTIM M2 with the demands of daily life and exercise.

The integration of a voice assistant not only makes the smartwatch more user-friendly but also positions it as a cutting-edge device in the realm of wearable technology.

Extra-Long Battery Life

Amaztim Smartwatch Review

The AMAZTIM M2 addresses a common concern with smartwatches by delivering an extra-long battery life.

Equipped with a 100% pure cobalt-based battery of military-grade quality, the smartwatch ensures optimal performance and longevity.

The battery life of the AMAZTIM M2 is twice that of conventional smartwatches, setting a new standard in the industry.

The adoption of a super power-saving AI algorithm further enhances the device’s efficiency by minimizing power consumption.

This strategic combination allows the smartwatch to last up to 2 weeks under normal use conditions.

Even in power-saving mode, users can enjoy extended usage, with the device capable of supporting sports mode, health index measurement, and other functions for an impressive 60+ days.

This extended battery life positions the AMAZTIM M2 as a reliable and long-lasting companion for users with active lifestyles.

Health Monitoring

Amaztim M2 Smartwatch Review

The health monitoring capabilities of the AMAZTIM M2 go beyond the standard features offered by many smartwatches.

The advanced real-time monitoring function enables users to track all-day sleep patterns, 24-hour heart rate, and real-time blood oxygen levels. These features contribute to a comprehensive understanding of one’s overall health and well-being.

The inclusion of a pedometer for tracking calories burned throughout the day adds a fitness dimension to the smartwatch.

With support for up to 70 sports modes and 6 Intelligent Sports Recognition features, the AMAZTIM M2 ensures that users can accurately monitor and analyze their workouts.

The precision and accuracy with which health data is collected make the smartwatch a valuable tool for individuals committed to maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle.

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The AMAZTIM M2 features an 1.85-inch ultra-large HD display with 280×320 pixels resolution that enhances the visual experience for users

The ample screen real estate allows for clear and detailed information presentation, enhancing the overall usability and aesthetics of the smartwatch.

The user interface benefits from the large display, providing an intuitive and visually pleasing interaction with the device.

Whether viewing notifications, accessing fitness data, or utilizing the voice assistant, the ultra-large HD display on the AMAZTIM M2 contributes to a positive user experience.

This feature ensures that users can easily navigate and engage with the smartwatch’s functionalities, further enhancing its appeal.

Pricing and Offers

The AMAZTIM M2 Smart Watch is competitively priced at $99.99 ON AMAZON, with different color options available to suit individual preferences. Customers can take advantage of a $20 coupon, providing additional savings on their purchases.

For those interested in purchasing multiple items, the smartwatch offers a 5% discount when buying 2 select items. It provides a cost-effective option for users seeking to equip themselves or gift the device to others.

Furthermore, the promotion extends to accessories, as customers can save an additional 5% on Bands for M2 Red when purchasing 1 or more qualifying items offered by AMAZTIM.

These cost-saving options make the AMAZTIM M2 a compelling choice in the smartwatch market, combining high-quality features with affordability.


In conclusion, the AMAZTIM M2 Smart Watch stands out as a formidable contender in the smartwatch market, combining cutting-edge features with a focus on durability, health monitoring, and an extended battery life. Its design, incorporating military-grade materials and a fully enclosed ultra-thin case, ensures resilience in challenging environments.

The waterproof capabilities, rugged build, and successful completion of rigorous durability tests make the AMAZTIM M2 a reliable choice for users with an active lifestyle. The integration of an AI Voice Assistant, coupled with the ability to answer and make calls, adds a layer of convenience and hands-free functionality.

The extra-long battery life, powered by a military-grade cobalt-based battery and a power-saving AI algorithm, addresses a common concern in the smartwatch market. The health monitoring features, including real-time sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, and blood oxygen level measurement, make the smartwatch a comprehensive tool for individuals focused on their well-being.

With an ultra-large HD display, competitive pricing, and additional savings through coupons and discounts, the AMAZTIM M2 Smart Watch offers a compelling package for users seeking a reliable and feature-rich wearable device.

As technology continues to advance, the AMAZTIM M2 positions itself as a standout choice in the evolving landscape of smartwatches, catering to the diverse needs of modern consumers.

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Q. What app does Amaztim Use?

The AMAZTIM smartwatch works with an app called Da Fit. This app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, specifically Android 6.0 and iOS 9.0 or higher.

Q. Is Amazfit a Good Brand?

Amazfit can be a good brand for you, depending on your priorities. They excel in affordability, boasting long battery life and durable designs that are perfect for active lifestyles. They offer various sports modes to track your workouts, and basic health tracking features like heart rate, sleep, and blood oxygen monitoring. However, Amazfit smartwatches often lack advanced functionalities like music storage, contactless payments, and extensive app ecosystems compared to pricier brands. Additionally, some users report limitations with the Amazfit app, and the accuracy of health tracking features might not be on par with pricier options with more advanced sensors. Overall, Amazfit caters to a specific niche. They offer a budget-friendly option for fitness enthusiasts who prioritize long battery life and basic health tracking, but if you crave cutting-edge features, top-tier accuracy, or a seamless smartwatch experience, you might need to explore other brands.

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