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Apple Watch Ultra 3: A Closer Look at Release Date and Features

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The Apple Watch Ultra series has become a champion for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, offering a robust build and advanced features.

With whispers of the Apple Watch Ultra 3 growing louder, the question on everyone’s mind is: when will it hit shelves? but there are still many unknowns about the upcoming release.

This guide will be a hub to keep track of everything you need to know about the Apple Watch Ultra 3, including the likely announcement date, concrete rumors, price information, and the features we want to see.

Apple Watch Ultra 3 Release Date and Price 

Based on historical trends, a September 2024 release for the Ultra 3 appears most likely, aligning with the September introductions of the first two iterations in 2022 and 2023. However, a degree of uncertainty surrounds this prediction. 

Renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that Apple might forgo a new Ultra model in 2024. His reasoning centers on Apple’s desire to dedicate additional time to developing innovative health features, ensuring the manufacturability of novel functionalities, and addressing ongoing challenges related to microLED production.

While this speculation exists, a 2024 release remains a possibility. Apple might still unveil the Ultra 3 in September, but it is prudent to acknowledge the potential for a delayed launch timeframe.

Apple Watch Ultra 3 Price

Price leaks are relatively uncommon for any smartwatch, including the Apple Watch. However, the Watch Ultra 3 is expected to cost the same as the first two generations: $799 / £799.

Apple Watch Ultra 3 rumours

With Apple’s September product launch event on the horizon, speculation surrounding the Ultra 3 intensifies.

While official details remain scarce, early rumors offer a glimpse into the potential functionalities of this next-generation smartwatch.

Let’s explore these whispers and analyze what advancements they might portend for the Ultra 3.

Design and Features 

Should I wait for the Apple Watch Ultra 3

The critical design rumor relating to the next generation of Apple Watch is the potential use of microLED displays, which would deliver increased brightness, contrast, and improved battery efficiency.

However, there have been delays and cancellations regarding the implementation of microLED displays, so it’s still being determined whether this feature will make it to the Ultra 3.

Some of the features that users want to see in the Apple Watch 3 include a better display using microLED, longer battery life, a new color option, and improved health management features.

However, there are currently no signs of an “Apple Watch Ultra 3″ being in development within Apple’s supply chain, and the likelihood of a new Apple Watch Ultra being released in 2024 is decreasing.

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Features we Want to See on Apple Ultra 3

Should I wait for the Apple Watch Ultra 3

Apple Watch Ultra 2 was a significant upgrade from its predecessor, but the Apple Watch Ultra 3 is expected to be even more impressive.

With rumors suggesting that Apple might take a break from the Ultra series this year, we can only hope the next iteration will be worth the wait.

Here are some features that I would like to see in the Apple Watch Ultra 3.

1. More Sizes and Styles: Users desire a more inclusive range of sizes and styles to cater to different body sizes and preferences, suggesting adding smaller size options and various color choices to enhance the personalization.

2. MicroLED Screen: Apple wants to swap the OLED screen for a MicroLED one in the Apple Watch Ultra 3. MicroLED screens offer advantages like consistent performance over time, potential for increased brightness, thinness, and cost-effectiveness compared to OLED screens.

3. Increased Waterproof Rating: Users are looking for an improvement in the waterproof rating of the Apple Watch Ultra 3, with a desire to see it increase from 100 meters to 200 meters for enhanced functionality during extreme water activities.

 Apple Watch Ultra 3

4. Expanded Operating Temperature Range: There is a call for an expansion in the on-wrist operating temperature range of the Apple Watch Ultra 3 better to accommodate users in extreme climates and cold-weather athletes, allowing for reliable performance in various conditions.

5. Enhanced Battery Life: Users are seeking a significant increase in battery life for the Apple Watch Ultra 3, aiming to double the current battery life to compete with other smartwatches in the market that offer longer battery durations.

6. Additional Health Recovery and Readiness Features: There is a desire for the Apple Watch Ultra 3 to incorporate more comprehensive workout recovery and readiness features similar to those offered by other brands like Whoop and Garmin to provide users with a more holistic view of their health and well-being.

7. Improved Design: Users are looking for a more fashionable and less “dorky” design for the Apple Watch Ultra 3 to enhance its appeal and make it a more stylish accessory.

These features reflect the expectations and desires of users and tech experts for the upcoming Apple Watch Ultra 3, highlighting areas for improvement and innovation in the next-generation smartwatch.


While there are still many unknowns about the Apple Watch Ultra 3, it is expected to be unveiled in September 2024 with a price point of $799 / £799.

However, there are currently no signs of an Ultra 3 in development, and the likelihood of a new Apple Watch Ultra being released in 2024 is decreasing.

Suppose the Apple Watch Ultra is not updated next year. In that case, it is likely because Apple needs more time to develop innovative health management features and address issues related to micro-LED production.

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Q. When Will the Apple Watch Ultra 3 Be Released?

The release date of the Apple Watch Ultra 3 is uncertain. Some rumors suggest September 2024, but this information is not confirmed. Apple releases new Apple Watches in September, which might be possible, but there’s always the chance they might wait longer.

Q. Should I wait for the Apple Watch Ultra 3?

This depends on your needs and preferences. If you need a smartwatch with the latest features immediately, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is a great option. But if you can wait and prioritize cutting-edge technology like a microLED display and potential health advancements (all rumors), then waiting for the Ultra 3 (if it comes out) might be worth considering.

Q. What Features are Expected in the Apple Watch Ultra 3?

 It’s important to note that these are just rumors, but some leaks suggest the Ultra 3 might have a microLED display (brighter, more efficient) and more advanced health-tracking features.

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