Xiaomi Watch 2 Review : Featuring WearOS Wonders and 65-Hour Battery Marvel

At the much-anticipated MWC 2024 event, Xiaomi took the stage alongside Honor to make some exciting announcements, not just limited to smartphones but also wearable devices. Among the stars of the show were the Xiaomi Watch 2, Watch S3, and Band 8 Pro.

Today, we’ll focus on the Xiaomi Watch 2 Review, delving into its specifications and features that make it stand out in the world of smartwatches.

Xiaomi Watch 2 Review

As the Xiaomi Watch 2 is a very new product, launched just recently on February 25, MWC 2024 event, there aren’t any comprehensive reviews available yet.

However, based on early impressions and information from the official launch, here’s a potential breakdown of what a review might look like

Xiaomi Watch 2 Specifications and Features

DesignCircular dial, 1.43-inch AMOLED (466 x 466 pixels)
Aluminium body with modern design
Two buttons on the right side, no rotating crown
5 ATM water-resistant
Health Monitoring12-channel advanced health monitoring
Heart rate tracking
Blood oxygen level tracking
Sleep pattern monitoring
Menstrual cycle tracker
Stress level monitoring
Support for over 160 sports modes
Built-in GPS for outdoor activities
PerformanceSnapdragon W5+ Gen 1 processor
32GB storage for apps and music
WearOS operating system
Access to 200+ third-party apps and Google Play Store
Safety and ConvenienceFall detection for automatic emergency notifications
Emergency calling feature
Built-in microphone and speaker for voice calling
Additional features: camera, music control, calendar,
flashlight, recorder, weather, altitude, etc.
Battery495mAh battery unit
Claimed 65 hours of usage under typical conditions
Variants and PricingAvailable in Black and Silver colors
Priced at EUR 199

Design: A Fusion of Style and Functionality

The first impression a watch makes is often visual, and the Xiaomi Watch 2 doesn’t disappoint. It boasts a classic and timeless design, featuring a circular dial with a sleek 1.43-inch AMOLED display.

Xiaomi Watch 2 Review

This display promises crisp visuals and sharp details, making it easy to view notifications, messages, and health data even in bright sunlight. The 1.43-inch size provides a comfortable balance between offering enough screen real estate for clarity and maintaining a compact form factor.

The watch’s body is crafted from aluminum, adding a touch of sophistication and durability. This choice of material ensures the watch feels light yet sturdy on the wrist, making it suitable for everyday wear and tear.

Furthermore, users can personalize their style with various watch strap options, catering to individual preferences and complementing different outfits.

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Powering the Experience: The Google Wear OS Advantage

One of the most significant aspects of the Xiaomi Watch 2 is its operating system. It runs on Google Wear OS, a widely used platform in the smartwatch domain. This choice offers several advantages to users:

Xiaomi-Watch-2-Review Wear OS

App Accessibility: With access to the Google Play Store, users can download a wide range of apps directly onto their watch. This opens up a world of possibilities, allowing users to customize their experience and utilize various applications on their wrist. From fitness trackers and health monitoring apps to messaging platforms and productivity tools, the options are vast.

Seamless Integration: Google Wear OS ensures smooth integration with Android smartphones, allowing for seamless notification syncing, messaging capabilities, and other connected features. This enhances the user experience by creating a unified ecosystem between your phone and your watch.

Familiarity and Ease of Use: For users already familiar with the Android ecosystem, Google Wear OS offers a familiar and intuitive user interface. This minimizes the learning curve and makes navigating the watch a breeze.

A Focus on Health and Well-being: Comprehensive Fitness Tracking

The Xiaomi Watch 2 isn’t just about style and functionality; it also prioritizes your well-being.

It’s equipped with a comprehensive suite of health and fitness tracking features, catering to both fitness enthusiasts and individuals interested in monitoring their overall health.

Here are some key features:

Heart Rate Monitoring: Continuous heart rate monitoring allows you to track your heart rate throughout the day, providing valuable insights into your overall fitness level and potential health concerns.

Sleep Tracking: The watch monitors your sleep patterns, including sleep stages (light, deep, and REM) and duration. This data can help you understand your sleep quality and identify areas for improvement.

SpO2 Measurement: Blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) is a crucial health indicator, and the watch can measure your SpO2 levels, providing valuable insights into your overall health and respiratory function.

Over 100 Fitness Modes: Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, swimmer, or enjoy yoga, the watch offers over 100 different fitness modes. Each mode tracks specific metrics relevant to the chosen activity, helping you monitor your progress and performance.

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Safety and Convenience: Features That Matter

Safety is a priority for the Xiaomi Watch 2, evident in its fall detection feature. In case of an emergency, the watch can automatically notify your chosen emergency contacts, providing an added layer of security.

The built-in microphone and speaker facilitate hands-free voice calling via your paired smartphone, making communication effortless.

Beyond the essential safety features, the Xiaomi Watch 2 comes equipped with handy tools like a camera, music control, calendar, flashlight, recorder, weather updates, altitude tracking, and more.

It’s not just a watch; it’s a multifunctional companion for your daily needs.

Battery Life


A smartwatch is only as useful as its battery life. Xiaomi has equipped the Watch 2 with a battery that promises up to 65 hours of usage on a single charge.

This impressive figure allows you to wear the watch throughout the day and even into the night without worrying about running out of battery.

This extended battery life is ideal for users who want a reliable companion that can keep up with their active lifestyles.

Availability and Pricing

While the official launch has taken place, global pricing and availability details for the Xiaomi Watch 2 haven’t been announced yet.

However, it is expected to be available in black and silver color options, catering to diverse preferences.

As more information becomes available, the specifics on pricing and regional availability will paint a clearer picture of accessibility for potential buyers.


In conclusion, the Xiaomi Watch 2 presents a compelling proposition for users seeking a stylish, feature-rich, and health-focused smartwatch.

With its classic design, Google Wear OS platform, comprehensive health and fitness tracking features, and impressive battery life, the Watch 2 aims to empower users to make informed choices about their well-being and stay connected on the go. View Price on Amazon

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